Kentucky Insurance Plans Continuing Education

Welcome to Kentucky Insurance Plans Continuing Education. The Kentucky FAIR Plan and Kentucky Auto Insurance Plan have joined to offer a two hour CE Class.  The Class, conducted via webinar, is available to all licensed Kentucky property and casualty insurance agents and producers.

Property and Casualty Residual Market Mechanisms Course Description

This course will familiarize the participant with both the Kentucky FAIR Plan and the Kentucky Auto Insurance Plan.  It will outline the qualifications and requirements for each line of business offered by the respective Plan.  During the instructor led sessions the participants will obtain a detailed outline as to the coverages, limitations and forms provided for each type of policy offered.  In addition, the participants will be instructed on the navigation of each Plan’s website which will enable them to quote as well complete the application process.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the course the participants will:

  • be familiar with each Plan’s history, membership and general operational procedures and requirements.
  • obtain a general knowledge of each Plan’s specific lines of business offered in regards to eligibility, limitations and coverages provided.
  • be able to complete the application process.
  • be able to navigate the website for each Plan.
  • become familiar with the on line quoting programs offered by each Plan.
  • be able to navigate the KFP producer portal to enable the participant to check policy payment status, claim history as well as loss notice submission.


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