FAIR Plan Frequently Asked Questions

FAIR Plan Consumers FAQ

Can a payment be made via the telephone?

No. To ensure security for our customers, we will not accept payment via the telephone. We will, however, accept payments via our online payment portal.

NOTE: Making payments directly through the Kentucky FAIR Plan online portal will ensure proper processing. Using outside third party vendors, like Doxo or banking sites, may add considerable processing time. Any delay beyond the due date of the payment may result in cancellation for non-payment.

What payment plans are offered?

The Kentucky FAIR Plan offers a Full Pay; Semi-Annual; Quarterly; 5-Pay; and Mortgagee billed.

Where can I submit a loss?

Losses can be completed by filling out an electronic loss notice.

What is the Kentucky FAIR Plan Reinsurance Association?

The Kentucky FAIR Plan Reinsurance Association offers property insurance to qualified applicants in Kentucky who, through their agent or producer, are unable to secure insurance through the standard insurance market for reasons beyond their control. The FAIR Plan may be an answer for responsible property owners or homeowners who are having a problem obtaining property insurance in the standard market.

What coverages are offered?

The FAIR Plan offers Dwelling Fire, Commercial Fire, Commercial Farm Fire and Homeowners coverage for property owners . They provide protection against loss from such hazards as fire, lightning, wind, hail, explosion, smoke, vehicles, aircraft, and vandalism and malicious mischief.

The FAIR Plan Homeowners policy also protects against all these as well as limited theft and personal liability coverage.

This is not meant to provide an explanation of coverages as they vary depending on the options selected. Please consult the policy forms for coverage details.

How do I apply?

Contact any licensed Kentucky producer. The producer will help you decide what coverages are available in the FAIR Plan.

What are the Kentucky FAIR Plan underwriting standards?

There are reasonable standards that must be met to be insured by the FAIR Plan. Please refer to the Articles of Association.

Disclaimer: The information contained here is a general summary of the programs offered by the Kentucky FAIR Plan Reinsurance Association. The insured’s legal rights are determined by the insurance policy and Kentucky Revised Statutes, not by the contents of this website. Underwriting rules, rates and standards are subject to change.

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