FAIR Plan – Producers Frequently Asked Questions

FAIR Plan Producers FAQ

What is the purpose of the Kentucky FAIR Plan?
Do Producers have binding authority?
  • No, producers do not have binding authority. All submissions are subject to prior underwriting approval.
  • Producers must have a valid resident or non-resident license in Kentucky in order to submit applications to the Kentucky FAIR Plan.
How do I register as a Producer?
How do I complete a Quick Quote?

Click here for instructions

  • Quick Quotes can be saved, but are only available for 7 days.
  • Quick Quotes can be converted to an application.
How do I convert a Quick Quote to an Application?

Download the PDF instructions here.

  • Faxed applications are not accepted
How do I make a payment?
  • Forms of payment: Check, E-Check, Credit Card, Debit Card, Money Order, Cashiers check.
  • Insureds can submit payment through their policy portal.
  • Producers can submit payments through the policy portal from the Policy Summary tab or Billing Summary tab – see example below.

How do I submit an Endorsement Request?

How to submit an Endorsement Request (PDF)

  • Other means of submitting an endorsement: Email info@kyfairplan.com, mail.
  • Endorsement requests cannot be submitted via the phone.
How do I submit a Cancellation Request?

How to submit a cancellation request (PDF)

  • Other means of submitting a cancellation request: Email info@kyfairplan.com ,mail.
  • Cancellation requests cannot be submitted via the phone.
How do I submit a Claim?

Submitting a Kentucky FAIR Plan claim (PDF)

  • Other means of submitting a claim: Via our website, phone, email, mail.
How do I submit a Rewrite?

Rewrite process (PDF)

  • Rewrites can only be requested between the 11th and 30th day after lapse for nonpayment.
  • Electronic funds (credit cards, debit cards or e-checks) are the only acceptable form of payment
    for a rewrite.
  • Rewrites are subject to Underwriting approval.
How Do I Login?
How do I submit an Application?
How do I complete the renewal questionnaire?
How do I find commission statements?