New Producers

Agents holding an active license in the state of Kentucky may register as a producer for the Kentucky FAIR Plan Reinsurance Association.

Producers have no binding authority and the actions of a producer are deemed to be the actions of the applicant and are not the actions of the Kentucky FAIR Plan. Insofar as the producer is acting as an agent of any party in connection with actions under this or any other section of the Plan, the producer shall be deemed to be the agent of the applicant and not the agent of the Kentucky FAIR Plan. The collection, payment, or acceptance of money by the producer or the Plan does not constitute a binder of coverage.

The mission of the Kentucky FAIR Plan Reinsurance Association is to provide basic Dwelling Fire and Extended Coverage, Commercial Fire, Farm Fire and Homeowners insurance to property owners in the Commonwealth in accordance with the Articles of Association. Any person, firm or corporation desiring insurance coverage who is unable to obtain such coverage directly from an Insurer may apply to the Association through a Producer licensed to do business in Kentucky.

The Kentucky FAIR Plan Reinsurance Association offers property insurance to qualified applicants in Kentucky who are unable to buy insurance through the standard insurance market for reasons beyond their control. The FAIR Plan may be an answer for responsible property owners or homeowners who are having a problem obtaining property insurance in the standard market.

If you have previously written a policy through the Kentucky FAIR Plan and have registered as a producer, it is not necessary to register again on our new system. You will use your existing user ID and password and will then be prompted to create a new password.

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