Kentucky Assigned Claims Plan

Established by KRS 304.39 to provide basic reparation benefits to eligible persons when basic reparations insurance is not available or cannot be identified. Eligibility for coverage is defined in the Plan of Operations and Rules of the KACP.
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Kentucky Insurance Arbitration Association

Established by KRS 304.39-290 to provide a mechanism for the reimbursement among reparation obligators, qualified self insurers and other parties who consent to arbitration of losses paid as basic and added reparations benefits.
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Kentucky Automobile Insurance Plan

Established in 1948 pursuant to KRS 304.13 to provide basic automobile insurance coverage to eligible risks unable to obtain such coverage in the voluntary market.
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Kentucky FAIR Plan Reinsurance Association

Authorized pursuant to KRS 304.35 and is designed to provide basic property and casualty insurance for worthy applicants who are unable to secure coverage in the voluntary market.
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