Personal Auto

Personal Automobile Insurance

The Basics
  • All applications must be processed through the EASi system.
  • The EASi application and rating system is contained on the website and you must register with our office to be issued an EASi password.
  • When the EASi application has been completed you must print the application, obtain original signatures and mail with 40% of the estimated annual premium to the KAIP office.
KAIP Manual:

KAIP Personal Auto & Commercial Manual

Frequently Asked Questions

Personal Automobile Insurance Plan FAQ
- Who And What Types Of Vehicles Are Eligible?
  • Applicant unable to secure coverage in the voluntary market.
  • Vehicle registered in KY.
  • There is a duly licensed operator on the application.
  • Private passenger, non-fleet.
  • Motorized vehicles licensed for road use.
  • Named non-owner applicants.
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+ What If It Is Premium Financed?
+ When Will Coverage Become Effective?
+ What Happens When A Personal Auto Application Is Received?
EASi System FAQ
- My Account Is Locked, What Do I Do?
  • Your account will lock if you have tried unsuccessfully to log in more than 10 times.
  • You must wait 15 minutes for the account to unlock before you can attempt to log in again.
  • Web Support representatives are unable to unlock accounts, they can only reset passwords.
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+ How Do I Register For EASi?
+ How Do I Change My EASi Password?
+ What Are The Requirements For An EASi Password?
+ How Can A Producer Request Changes To An Application Already Submitted?
+ How And When Do I Retract An Application?
+ Why Can’t I Print An EASi Application?