Commercial Automobile Insurance

The Basics

  • Quoting is done by the producer; the Help Sheets and Rating Worksheets included on this website provide assistance.
  • Applications and supplements are available on this website.
  • The completed application with original signatures must be mailed to the KAIP office with 40% of the estimated annual premium in certified funds.


KAIP Manual:


Some Common Questions

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Who and what types of commercial vehicles are eligible?
  • Applicant Eligibility (See Section 18 of KAIP Manual for complete list)
    • Applicant unable to secure coverage in the voluntary market.
    • Vehicle registered in KY.
    • There is a duly licensed operator on the application.
    • Named non-owner applicants.
    • Multistate operations with headquarters based in Kentucky.
  • Risks Not Eligible
    • Private passenger non-fleet (unless required by filing).
    • Miscellaneous non-fleet motorized vehicles that may or may not be registered
What coverages are available in commercial auto?
  • Basic Combined BI and PD Single Limits – $60,000.
  • Optional Available under the plan:
    • $125,000
    • $150,000
    • $325,000
    • $350,000
  • Higher limits available if required by state or federal filing.
  • PIP basic limits of $10,000 with $10,000 increments up to total maximum of $40,000.
  • UM and UIM available at the standard limits specified in the manual.
When will coverage become effective?
  • Applications not requiring filings or limits in excess of $350,000.
    • Applications delivered via USPS
      • Become effective at 12:01 a.m. on the day following the date of mailing as shown on the postmark.
      • If no postmark, effective 12:01 a.m. on the day following receipt by the plan office.
    • For later requested date – not to exceed 30 days.
  • Applications requiring filings or limits in excess of $350,000.
    • Effective no earlier than 15 days following receipt of the completed application (accompanied by the prescribed deposit).
    • Exception is an applicant re-applying after completion of a 3-year assignment period.
What payment plans are available for commercial auto?

All plans require 40% down to be paid to servicing carrier via certified check, bank check, or money order. Plans available as follows:

  • Annual/Full Pay
  • Single bill balance – remainder to be paid within 30 days of date of premium notice.
  • Installments (40-30-30)
    • 30% due in 90 day increments based on effective date of policy.
    • $4 service charge per payment.
  • Premium finance
    • 40% down.
    • A copy of finance agreement must be submitted with application.

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