Commercial Auto

Commercial Automobile Insurance

The Basics
  • Quoting is done by the producer; the Help Sheets and Rating Worksheets included on this website provide assistance.
  • Applications and supplements are available on this website.
  • The completed application with original signatures must be mailed to the KAIP office with 40% of the estimated annual premium in certified funds.
KAIP Manual

KAIP Personal Auto & Commercial Manual

Commercial Auto Application


Frequently Asked Questions
- Who And What Types Of Commercial Vehicles Are Eligible?
  • Applicant Eligibility (See Section 18 of KAIP Manual for complete list)
    • Applicant unable to secure coverage in the voluntary market.
    • Vehicle registered in KY.
    • There is a duly licensed operator on the application.
    • Named non-owner applicants.
    • Multistate operations with headquarters based in Kentucky.
  • Risks Not Eligible
    • Private passenger non-fleet (unless required by filing).
    • Miscellaneous non-fleet motorized vehicles that may or may not be registered
+ What Coverages Are Available In Commercial Auto?
+ When Will Coverage Become Effective?
+ What Payment Plans Are Available For Commercial Auto?
+ What Happens When A Commercial Auto Application Is Received?