Kentucky Insurance Arbitration Association

Kentucky Insurance Arbitration Association


The PIP Arbitration System provides an online portal to streamline the arbitration process. Member Companies and Qualified Self-Insurers may file, respond and file counterclaims. Supports are uploaded online which eliminates the requirement to submit evidence in hard-copy format.

The Basics
  • KRS 304.39-290: All licensed KY insurers, qualified self-insurers and obligated governments are members.
  • The filing fee is $40 or $100 if a panel of 3 is requested.
  • A $1,000 intercompany offset applies to the aggregate claim and not individually.
  • Decisions of the arbitrator are final and binding with no right of re-hearing or appeal.
Also included

The system is protected with Verisign and encryption for security.

Contact Information

Kentucky Insurance Arbitration Association
P.O. Box 436509
Louisville, KY 40243

Phone: (502) 327-0372


  • Rebecca Darst, CPCU
  • Carrie Manor
  • Christy Turner

Frequently Asked Questions
- Who Is A Member Of KIAA And How Do I Know If A Carrier Is An “Authorized Insurer”?
KRS 304.39-290: All reparation obligors shall be and remain members of the association as a condition of their authority to transact business in the Commonwealth. Other persons, associations, organizations and agencies of government may by written application and upon approval of the Board and the Kentucky Department of Insurance become members. The department of insurance website contains a search function to look up companies to see if they write vehicle insurance in Kentucky. Click this link to access the site and search for companies: Information found here will reflect the coverages the company writes as well as a message stating “Authorized Insurer – these insurers are authorized to do the business of insurance by holding a Kentucky Certificate of Authority. Provides insurance coverage.”
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