Kentucky FAIR Plan Reinsurance Association


The Kentucky FAIR Plan was established pursuant to KRS Chapter 304, Subtitle 35. The purpose is to establish and maintain a non-profit residual market mechanism whereby Property Insurance and Casualty Insurance can be made available to all worthy applicants and to distribute equitably the costs, losses, or gains, if any, arising therefrom among all members of the Plan and the related reinsurance association created and existing pursuant to the FAIR Plan Statutes. The Plan has been continuously in effect since 1968.


The mission of the Kentucky FAIR Plan Reinsurance Association is to provide basic Dwelling Fire and Extended Coverage, Commercial Fire, Farm Fire and Homeowners insurance to property owners in the Commonwealth in accordance with the Articles of Association. Any person, firm or corporation desiring insurance coverage who is unable to obtain such coverage directly from an Insurer may apply to the Association through a Producer licensed to do business in Kentucky.

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